Looking for Software but can't find the right fit 'out of the box'?  
SCS builds custom solutions for the issues you and your business deal with on a daily basis.  We create software that is really useful, is automated as much as possible and fundamentally saves time and therefore money for you. 

Software Development
We take the mystery out of it. Your office can be running full speed while you spend more time doing the things you love.  By identifying your business processes we can advise on the best solution for saving you time and money.   Since Rome wasn't built in a day, we offer affordable solutions which are scalable.  Upgrade when you are ready.
Need to keep track of invoices and receipts, calculate your VAT, automate customer service or any other process?  No problem - we can help! Full CRM, or other enterprise level applications?  Come speak to us and we'll dedicate ourselves to making your vision an awesome reality.

Web Design and Programming
Great looking, well written, functional sites built to your design brief that work on all major devices and operating systems including mobile.  We deliver speed and beauty, with dynamic functionality if you need or would like it.  It's difficult to find properly implemented and custom built eCommerce solutions.  We do it right, keeping your reputation and your customers money safe and secure.  Seamlessly, mesh back office applications with your web portal and see your daily task list shrink. Interact confidently with your customers online and get them coming back for more!

As of 2016 all our websites are built to be responsive which will mean for you that your site is optimised for different screen sizes.

Mobile App Development
Handheld devices are being used more and more in recent times.  Do you have a customer base you can interact with more closely using an app?  Tell us what you want,  we will advise you on the best approaches and help to create your vision.

SSL (Https, Secure Socket Layer)
There was a time when only eCommerce sites needed to be secured with encryption.  Rules enforced by Google mean that in July 2018, sites without encryption (sites which start with http:// instead of https://) will be marked as insecure.

SSL certificates are simply confirmation from a 3rd party that you are who you say you are.  You can encyrypt at a domain level only very cheaply or have your whole company verified using a more advanced and expensive method.

We have many years experience purchasing and installing these certificates for both Windows and Linux systems.  We can help you through the process or do it for you.

Search Engine Optimisation
Can your potential customers find you online?  The rules keep changing and lucky for you we keep up with the latest optimisations and releases from Google and other important search engines. We can help with local SEO which will put your small business in front of those in your area or incorporate a strategy which will connect you with customers currently looking for your service.  
Call us for a chat, it takes some work but you can come up top in search results too!

We know what you need to do to gain rank and get found!  We will evaluate your existing website and online reputation and advise you on the steps you can take to improve.  If you need a social media strategy, (and believe us  you really do), come see us.  
We use exclusively legitimate practices so that you don't get penalised in the future  because Google do check these things and no, they are not stupid.

If you can imagine it, we can build it