Work Smart - Not Hard What - again?

Software that works the way that you do - for you - leaving you time to develop new ideas while the drudgery takes care of itself.   

Don't waste precious time on routine.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Doing it Right

Come see us for your vital on-line/social media strategy.
We use exclusively legitimate practices so that you don't get penalised in the future, just as things were taking off.

Be Worth Finding.

Great looking, well written, functional sites built to your design brief that work on all major devices and operating systems including mobile. 

So - What appears to be the problem?

More often than not, the actual problem is that you want your "tech" to work. To work consistently, reliably, predictably and in cooperation with any other new applications you may have or else might like to try - but it doesn't.  Frequently this is because the guy who did the database does not really understand the networking and your web site designer isn't talking to either of those two anyway.  And none of them have the time or the desire to talk to you. (Or to use a spelling checker, decent grammar or copy-writing skills in the case of the website.)

Time for this to change.

SCS Computer Lab is a new company founded on the simplest of concepts.  You get what you want and it works - or else it gets fixed.
We use a variety of technologies to ensure that the websites will talk to the custom designed accounting software when you want it to and from whatever computer in the office you prefer, because we will do the accounting software development for you as well.  If you need an application for the I-Phone, then you can have one and it will match your web site, and work on Android as well.  It all fits - it all works.
The internet and the computer driven office are no longer new phenomena - there is just no need for things to be so darn difficult any more.

SCS Computerlab Blog

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